The Burrow is currently accepting loanstock from individuals or organisations wanting to support the co-op and make an investment.

Loanstock is money loaned to a co-op that is borrowed over a fixed term. Investors can invest any amount over any fixed period. Investors do not have any control over decision making processes.

We currently have the majority of loanstock we expect to need, most of which has been invested by our members, however we welcome further investment from third parties. The total amount we are seeking will be dependant on the final price of the property we buy.

We are interested in investments of a minimum of £500 for 3 years or longer, at between 0% and 4% interest. The length of the term and the interest paid is open for negotiation but in general higher interest will be paid on longer term loans.

Loanstock is unsecured, however in practise, housing co-ops very rarely go bust and there is great precedent of loanstock being a very desirable investment.

Contact us at to learn more.



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