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Do you want to live in The Burrow Housing Co-op?

The Burrow is accepting applications from new members!


We are a fully mutual housing co-operative located in Openshaw (Manchester). We currently have space for two new members to join us.



What is a Housing Co-op?

A Housing Co-operative is a way for a group of people to manage their own housing. The members of The Burrow are all directors of the company ‘The Burrow Housing Co-operative’ which leases the house. This means members of the co-op get to be both tenant and landlord. Joining does not require any money, just getting along with us and wanting to live here and keep the co-op running.



What is the co-op like?

The Burrow has a large house on Ashton Old Road in Openshaw. It was originally two big houses that were knocked together.



There are twelve bedrooms and lots of communal spaces including kitchen, dining room, living room and basements. We also have a garden with a big trampoline and a wheelchair ramp up to the front door.

There are two businesses which rent space from us, an electrolysis (hair removal) clinic and a business services workers’ co-op. Some of our members work for these businesses.


Our members normally eat together in the evening. Almost all our food is communal and we have an optional cooking rota. We are quite close knit as a group and there are usually at least a few of us who hang out together each evening. We have co-op meetings every two weeks where we decide on issues that affect the house.



Who currently lives there?

Eight adults and two children currently live at The Burrow. Our interests include vegetarian cooking, playing board games and video games, gardening, playing guitar and piano, cycling and activism. Most of our members are LGBT and some of us have disabilities. The children are aged 7 and 4.


What are we looking for in new members?

We are looking for people who would like to stay living in the co-op reasonably long term. New members should get along with our current members and want to help with keeping the co-op running. Skills in DIY, admin work, cooking and cleaning are always useful.

How much does it cost?

Rent is £65 per week and bills are about £15 per week. Contributions towards communal food are based on how much you can afford. No deposit is necessary.

How to apply

Email for more information or to apply.


Please note that our process for accepting new members can take up to two months. If you need somewhere to move into urgently then this should not be your only housing option.