We are committed to making both our physical space and our organising as accessible as possible. Current provisions for disabled users of our spaces are:

The ground floor of our house is all level access. This includes our communal living areas.

There is one ground floor bedroom.

Part of the kitchen is set up to be used by wheelchair users.

There is a toilet with space for a wheelchair and grab rails.

There is a ramp leading up to the front door.

We have a good understanding of accessibility issues and can make adjustments as required.


Doorways may not be wide enough for all wheelchairs, but mobility scooters do fit.

The back door has steps leading up to it. To access the garden in a wheelchair you need to go from the front door and round the street to the back gate.

There are no current plans to make the basement (laundry and storage rooms) or the second floor (three bedrooms) wheelchair accessible.

The house can get quite noisy at times and some people find the lighting to be quite bright. 

If you would like more information on the accessibility of our space, please email

Safer Spaces
All members and their guests are expected to adhere to our Safer Spaces policy.